Hkm Saharan

Born in the paradise island of Sri Lanka, Saharan is a curious soul who dabbles in the cutting edge of the Internet. Although camera shy, he has a gift for making friends on the Internet and never turns away from an opportunity.

Unsurprisingly, he found his mentor in Gary Vaynerchuk and sure enough they met on the Internet on Gary’s talk show that he started from home during the lockdown in the United Stated in 2020 called Tea with GaryVee. The episode featured Saharan opposite Gary Vaynerchuk and became a defining moment of his life.

Fast forward to today Saharan has a cool 11,000+ loyal followers on Instagram (which is a lot for someone who never posts).

He is also the creator of the Third World NFT community. This is a community of NFT enthusiasts led by Saharan himself where they day trade knowledge, tips & tricks and the hottest NFTs to mint. His community has become one of the leading ones in the space and is growing at an unprecedented pace.

Saharan shoots videos, click photographs and loves getting into the trenches of editing as well.